Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Only 2 Months Left!

On Monday, I was officially 2 months away from my due date! I am excited to say the least. She has been getting quite a bit bigger and I can feel her all the time now. She is an active little bugger. That should be fun when she comes out :) Things have been going great as far as the pregnancy, and there really isn't too much to report. I will say, it is getting progressively more and more difficult to roll over and get up and move in general. Considering she is only going to get exponentially bigger in the coming weeks I'm necessarily excited about what that is going to do to my mobility but I figure it is all worth it if it means having this new little baby in our family :) Speaking of her getting bigger, according to my Baby Bump App, she is about 3.3 lbs. Assuming she is going to be 7 lbs (the 3.3 is just an approximation anyway) that means she is going to gain just as much weight in the next 2 months as she has the last 5 months! That blows my mind.

Getting everything ready for her has also been going quite swimmingly. We have finally got all the furniture we need (except for a rocking chair that I still need to pick up from my boss) and that is a huge relief! I think we are basically done with all the big things and I think we are just on to the little things. Man, babies require a lot of stuff and that is coming from someone who has been getting the bare minimum! Here are some of our latest aquirements:

Target Bookcase: on sale for $15!

A woman at Nate's summer job gave us a bassinet, 

a changing table,

and a whole bag of clothes including these adorable pj's.

I am really excited about this bin - I saw a bunch of them in the Target $1 section and couldn't think of a single thing to put them in or where we would put them so I didn't get them. The next time I was at Target, I decided they were so cute I had to get some but they were all gone! Every time I have been to Target I look at the $1 section and cry a little bit because these were so cute. But then one day, Nate and I walked in and I saw just this one sitting there, on the shelf, calling my name. I was so excited! Isn't it so perfect?

Once we get the rocking chair and the room put together in a somewhat more respectable looking manner I will post pictures of the whole room! We have been really lucky and a lot of our stuff has been given to us. In total we have only spent $140 on all baby stuff and that includes the three months of diapers (which are expensive, even if you do get them on sale!) Good thing it takes about 9 months for a baby, that has given me all the time I need to get things at a reasonable price. It has also given me plenty of time to read lots of books on birth, child care and other things that come along with a new baby. So many books! So much reading!!

And here is a blurry, not so very good picture of me and little whale baby. I'll try to get a better one but I figured this was better than nothing. 

What I am looking forward to the most is seeing what our little girl looks like and what her personality is like. I am just so excited to meet her!