Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2.5 Weeks til d-day

2.5 weeks to go! Possibly less- at my last dr's appt last Thursday I was 2-3 cm dilated and 80% effaced (in case you don't know what that means, one needs to be 10 cm dilated and 100% effaced for a baby to come out. I will let you Google the specifics on that.) so for being a couple weeks away from my due date, my doctor says things are looking pretty good and there is a slim chance that she will come later than my due date and not to get my hopes up but there is a chance she may decide to come early! I get mixed reactions when I tell people this - most people are really excited but there are just enough people who say they heard the same thing and their baby was 4-5 days late that my hopes are really not to high. That is ok though because I'm actually not that sick of being pregnant where I just want her out yet. The only reason I want her out sooner is because I am so excited to meet her but I could keep doing this pregnancy thing for a few more weeks. Since she could come any time now, plus I haven't been the best at posting preggo pics, here is how big she has gotten since my last update:

She is getting cute isn't she?

I can't decide how pregnant I look. At this point, I don't really care but some days I feel like I look as pregnant as I am and other days I don't think I look as pregnant as I actually am. But then I wonder if I actually look more pregnant than I am but I am just in blissful denial about it. Like I said, I honestly don't care so any way is just fine with me. Just some thoughts from a rather pregnant girl.

So a fun baby story - The other night little Whale Baby decided to have her own little dance party and kicked for three straight hours. Not just butterfly flutters - I am talking good, solid, Fire Burning kicks and punches. After a while she was satisfied that my insides were bruised enough and settled down to less punching and more squirming and moving around. Nate was feeling her and all of a sudden exclaimed, "I just felt her arm!" I put my hand where his had been and sure enough, there was a little appendage that we can only guess was her arm. It was so cute and made her so much more real! It was by far one of my favorite things. Since then we have been able to feel other bits and pieces of her that we can only guess as to what they are (how the doctor always knows exactly where she is is beyond me) and I love every minute of it! My insides are quite sore though and I would be very interested to see if they are as black and blue as they feel but it is all worth it knowing that she is healthy and strong. Plus, all this kicking and moving makes me think that she is just excited to come out and hopefully that means she will try to wiggle her way out sooner and faster. We shall see.

I think that we have everything ready for her arrival. The only thing I really have left to do is pack my hospital bag. I have been putting it off because I know that as soon as I pack it, she is going to come. And I could still use a little bit of time to finish up some projects that I know will be difficult once she is actually here. But other than that, we are ready for her to come. So as soon as she decides to make her entrance into the world, we will let you know!

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