Friday, June 1, 2012

What is Whale Baby?

You know, I knew ever since day 1 that Whale Baby was going to be a boy and yesterday we found out... she's actually a
I couldn't have been happier to be wrong! We were so excited and loved every minute of seeing her on the screen. She was moving around, kicking and squirming and it was just seriously so amazing! I loved watching them measure every part of her like her legs, and her back and her little fingers! She kept waving at us too which was fun (ok, it was less of a wave and more of a trying to push the ultrasound machine off her). It was especially cool seeing her stretch out as long as she could go. She kept moving around at first so they had a hard time getting certain parts of her and then she flipped on her stomach and just laid there and would not budge. They wanted to get a good picture of her face but no matter how much they poked and prodded, that girl would not move! They had me turn on my side, sit up, move around and do all sorts of things to get her to roll over but she was being a stubborn little one. So they had another doctor come in and try and she couldn’t do it so they were going to have me come back but then they decided to try one more time and they finally got a perfect profile shot of her (seen above). We also got a really cute one of her feet – which are the longest, skinniest things I have ever seen! Haha it is so funny! But the best part was, since they couldn’t get a good shot of her, we got to watch her for 45 minutes! Words honestly cannot describe what a special and amazing moment it was to see our little girl for the first time.

My favorite picture of her little feet -


  1. I love girl coughran!!! i'm already thinking of presents.

  2. I am a very proud grandma of this little girl. She is already so beautiful. Can't wait until November.

  3. :> very cute! I am so excited for another little girl in the family.

  4. YAY! You are going to have so much fun with Baby Girl Coughran! She already has your energy!