Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family Reunion and a Surprise!

Note: This is a long one but I promise it will be worth it if you stick it out to the end....

The past few weeks have been flying by! Summer always whizzes by after the 4th of July which on one hand is really sad, because I love summer but on the other hand totally awesome because once summer is over we will have a baby! (Ok, not right after summer, but close enough.)

Anyway, we were able to check off one of our summer activities last week. We spent the week in Colorado with Nate's family at a family reunion. It was "just" his parents, siblings and their kids but with seven siblings, seven significant others and 11.67 grandkids it was quite a full house! We stayed in a giant cabin/house/lodge in the mountains of Winter Park. It had about 9 bedrooms and a giant living room that was great for games and activities. It was a pretty busy week so here is a pictural representation of all the fun that we had:

We went on a hike around the cabin we were staying in. Clearly at a young, old and pregnant skill level. 

And then a night of Minute to Win It

And a day at the Winter Park Resort

This was the Alpine Slide. Despite multiple assurances that I could handle it, I decided it was probably in the best interest of my child to avoid said slide. Especially after what happened to my bro-in-law:

I did however do the maze. Which was mostly Nate pulling me through the whole thing. But we did it in just 7 minutes which was crazy, dizzying fast!

This beauty was a giant ball that two people were strapped into and then spun around in for 30-60 seconds. That's Nate in the background. I totally would have done this if I weren't pregnant.

We rode the gondola up to the top of the mountain and this was our view.

Then they threw me a baby shower! It was so cute!

My cute nieces!... who are only a few years younger than me...

Fabulous gluten-free cupcakes. Thanks Lalana!

Guess the Type of Baby Food Game. FYI - turkey and gravy is the nastiest thing to ever have entered my mouth. Do not feed it to your child.

Guess the Mashed Up Candy Bar in the Diaper... pretty gross actually.

My niece drew this for me. Isn't it fabulous!?

Thanks so much everyone for putting this on! It was so nice and so much fun!

We also celebrated all of the summer(ish) birthdays while we were all together.

And of course, we had Family Olympics. Thanks to Steve and Lalana for the awesome shirts!

Events included Speed Skating [running around a track without lifting your feet] won by this guy!


Shot put. (Which I must say, I did fairly well at considering I am 6 months pregnant.) But I had to post this picture because it was so awesome.

Tae Kwon Do

And Synchronized Swimming

Nate also made a little friend. Who is pretty much the cutest 2 year old I have ever met.

And we got to play lots of Monopoly Deal.

And shoot things. (But no animals. Only cans) and mice.

And the best part was everyone was there for the family picture!

Needless to say, it was a fun week!

And as for baby updates, we are feeling ready more than ever for her to get here! Especially in terms of baby stuff. We decided that if she were to come tomorrow, we wouldn't be ready but if she were to come next week, we could be ready by then. Which is saying something considering 1) the amount of things one requires for a baby and 2) the inexpensive route we are trying to take in acquiring such things. This post is already very picture heavy so I will save pictures of our recent yard sale/thrift store finds for my next post.

But of course, an extremely flattering picture of me and my tummy:

(Is this a good enough side shot for you, Madison?)

And of course the moment you have all been waiting for... what is Whale Baby's name??? We have decided that her name is going to be*:

Gwyneth Jane Coughran

Gwyneth is Welch, meaning "Happiness" and Jane is Hebrew, meaning "God is Gracious" and is a way to praise God. I love both of those meanings plus I just think it is such a pretty name!

*(unless we discover or think of something else that we like more from now until she is born.)

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  1. We love the name. It is so beautiful. You two look great! We love you and miss you.