Monday, July 2, 2012

Over Halfway!

I am officially over the 1/2 way point! It is all downhill from here, right? 

So far, everyone who says the 2nd trimester is the best has been right. It is so fun finally looking pregnant and not just chubby (though my darling husband continues to tell me I have never looked chubby- isn't he so sweet?) I also don't feel sick (though I got incredibly lucky and only ever felt nauseas, I never actually threw up. And I am grateful for that everyday!) I have much more energy than I did before, and along with that energy, more motivation to get things done. I have been incredibly productive the last few weeks and it feels so much better to be getting things done. Unfortunately, the weather has been above comfortable so on some days I just lock myself in my room with the door shut and the AC blasting but I still manage to get some things done.

The baby's room is coming along and is beginning to look so cute! We are almost set on the furniture. I have a fabulous crib - which I am absolutely in love with - and an adorable dresser - that I spent a whole morning repainting - and now all we need is a bookshelf to house all of our books/baby toys that we are accumulating. Once I find that, I can begin making these fabulous bins 

that I found on this site. And once those are made then I can finally put all the toys that we have been collecting away and not have them in piles all over the room! We are trying to only get toys that require creativity to play with, such as building blocks, train tracks and other such fun things but unfortunately those kinds of toys have lots and lots of parts. So these bins will be absolutely perfect for all of them! I know she probably won't be able to play with them for a little while but so far we have gotten them all for free so I really can't help myself :) 

Speaking of can't helping myself, I am having the hardest time trying not to put fabric on everything that comes into my home! I have a rocking chair that needs to be recovered (the chair is in perfect shape, the pads just need some TLC), crib bumpers I'd like to re-cover, the ugliest gray Pack n' Play you have ever seen (that I only got for $2 thinking that I could tolerate the grey.. which I just don't know if I can...) and a baby bounce chair (that is just a weird blue. I'm not a fan.) Add a diaper bag and those bins to that list and even I will admit that it is out of control. Tis the curse of being crafty I guess. I simple cannot look at something without making a project out of it :) 

Also this past week, I had a really cool experience while I was working at the temple. I always feel slightly bad when I go because even though I know I am serving others, the main reason I go is for the peace and blessings. I just cannot live without the blessings that I receive by going regularly and can feel missing when I don't go. But then I had an interview with the assistant to the matron and during it she said that one of the greatest reasons we go to the temple is to get the peace that comes to your life by visiting it. I felt much better hearing that come from a woman of authority and realized that is the best blessing of the temple. Despite my crazy life (admittedly self-inflicted) I can always rely on the peace that comes from my visits to the temple. I am going to try to go as often as I can while I can since little Whale Baby is going to make that a tad more difficult that it currently is. 

And finally, here are some pictures of me and Whale Baby. She is getting so big*! According to our Baby Bump app, she is about 11" long, which is about the same size as a spaghetti squash (length only, not her girth!)

*Don't worry, I have know she is going to get much, much bigger. But compared to before, she is so getting so big!

We think we have a name narrowed down between two choices. Any guesses/suggestions? As soon as we decide, we will let you all know for sure!

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