Friday, July 27, 2012

Baby Things

Here is that promised post about the recent baby things we have acquired. Impressed that I have posted twice in 24 hours? I sure am. 

Also, Whale Baby has a name! We have decided that her name is going to be*:

Gwyneth Jane Coughran

Gwyneth is Welch, meaning "Happiness" and Jane is Hebrew, meaning "God is Gracious" and is a way to praise God. I love both of those meanings plus I just think it is such a pretty name!

*(unless we discover or think of something else that we like more from now until she is born.)

Back to the baby items that we have gotten. Here are some of my favorites:

These are two of my favorite clothes that she has. I really hope she doesn't grow up with a complex because we called her Whale Baby. (Also, these are the only clothing items she has with whales on them. I promise her whole wardrobe isn't just whales. Talk about a complex.)

These are Nate's old stuffed animals we brought back from Denver. The whale was a present from my sister- & brother-in-law. So cute, right?

My boss was getting rid of a bunch of toys and I snagged these as soon as I saw them. Heck, I still love trains!

I got these at a yardsale. The lady just gave them to me for free. 

These are books that I got at my baby shower and also from Nate's childhood. Whale Baby better love books!

This is another collection from my boss. Seriously, wooden blocks are the best!

This is the diaper bag that I got. I am thinking about adding some fabric to spruce it up but other than that, I love it! I spent the whole week watching my sister-in-law carry a very similar one and soon saw the brilliance in the smaller, one strapped backpack. I have been using it for my everyday use lately and this thing is fantastic. I figure if I need a bigger one later I can always upgrade. $12 on Amazon. 

Now this is my pride and joy right here. A few weeks ago I bought a pack and play at a yard sale for $2. It was the most hideous grey I had ever seen and slightly dirty but I figured for $2 I could just make a cute cover for it and call it good. But the more I looked into it, the more I realized that would be pretty expensive plus once I opened it up, the thing was dirtier than I had imagined. So after unsuccessfully (and understandably) trying to it pawn it off on some other pregnant friends, we decided to take it to the thrift store. It took us a few weeks but I have never been so glad to procrastinate! We pulled up to the thrift store and the first thing I saw outside was this stroller. It is in perfect condition and was only $20! The only thing was I couldn't tell if it would work with an infant car seat so I asked the lady if she could hold it while I ran home and Googled it. Much to my excitement, not only did I find out it does indeed hold an infant car seat, but it is also normally $140! My excitement was added upon when I remembered I had a 20% coupon to this thrift store that I had just gotten the other day. That's right, I used a coupon at a thrift store. And got a $140 stroller for $16. 

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