Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Few More Reasons My Husband is Amazing

Nate started working at Ernst & Young!!! He accepted the job offer with them last October but his start date wasn't until this month so it has felt like an eternity waiting for him to start! But he loves it and already has made some new friends there and we are both just so excited for him to be working at a job that isn't just a resume filler but an actual career!

Speaking of how awesome my husband is, let me take a second to brag about how he has officially finished the CPA! That is right, you may now call him Nathaniel T. Coughran, CPA. My smarty pants of a husband completed all four tests and passed them all the first time around - a feat only about 15% of all people taking the test accomplish. I am seriously so proud of him and all the hard work and time that he put into studying for it. Even though it meant having a less than desirable summer, he is now done and gets to spend all of his evenings with me and soon little Whale Baby!

I love my husband so much!

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