Monday, August 27, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary to Us!

That is right, it has already been a year! Yesterday we celebrated our 1st Anniversary! It was absolutely perfect in every way. We celebrated the entire weekend and made it an Anniversary Weekend! On Friday we went and saw a movie in the park (The Lorax. Funny but a bit too hippie/granola/earthy for our liking) then on Saturday we got to spend the entire day together (the first one in months!) running errands and crossing things off our to do list. Then for lunch we had a picnic where Nate proposed and it was so fun visiting that spot and reliving that fun memory. That evening we worked at the temple which is always a amazing. Afterwards we got sushi which was fabulous!!! (Don't worry, I made sure to only eat the cooked kind. But mark my words - the first thing I am doing when she comes out is eating every kind of raw sushi known to man asap.)

On Sunday we exchanged presents which was lots of fun and then went for a nice walk and played games all evening with each other. It was an absolutely lovely weekend. The best part was all the time that I got to spend with my favorite person in the whole world. He is such a sweetheart to me and I love him so much!

Marrying him was the best idea I ever had.

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